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Get custom email address with any of your domains. Bravenet is a leading provider of top-tier, feature-rich, professional e-mail communication solutions.

Bravenet Secure and Reliable Email Hosting

Advanced Anti-Virus and Spam Protection

Bravenet's mail servers use a unique combination of spam and virus filters to keep your account free from unsolicited and malicious email. Our smart spam filter learns over time and becomes increasingly adept at filtering out spam before it reaches you.


We support the IMAP, POP3, and SMTP standards, which work for all email clients. And your email is secured with SSL/TLS encryption to protect your security.

Bravenet IMAP POP3 SMTP Email Hosting
Bravenet provides built-in support for special plus-tag email aliases

Address Tagging Support

How cool are Plus Addresses? Super cool!
Bravenet provides built-in support for special plus-tag email aliases that will send to your main account. Just add + tag and special name right before the @ and you now have amazing control - and we'll teach you how.

Server-Side Email Filtering

Want to filter incoming mail into separate folders or forward inbound mail to another address?  Our easy email filtering system has it all!

Server-Side Email Filtering with Bravenet Email Hosting
Easy Webmail Access with Bravenet Email Hosting

Webmail Global Access

You will have full access to all your email, as well as all your filters and settings, from our powerful web based email client. Did you forget to set a Vacation Notice? Remote webmail access to the rescue!

Aliasing and Group Email

Setup aliases to send to different email addresses, and set up group email addresses where one address sends to many addresses on the list.

Bravenet Email Hosting Features Aliasing and Group Email

Enjoy all the features of Bravenet Email Hosting


Customized Email

Create business or personal email
addresses for all your domains.


Full Access

Access your inbox on any devices,
Android, iPhone, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.


Powerful Security

Full spam blocking, ad removal, and
robust anti-virus and anti-spam firewalls.


Premium Support

Our friendly, and very smart staff
are always happy to provide assistance.


Tons of Storage

Grow your storage as needed, and
allocate additional storage per account.


Webmail Client

Access your email from anywhere,
anytime via our Webmail interface.



All supported, and secured with SSL/TLS encryption to protect your security.


Aliases and Groups

Setup an alias to forward to other email,
or set up a group of many email.


Easy Management

Our user friendly Email Manager makes
email account maintenance so simple.

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